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The City of Carlinville welcomes you to its official website! Carlinville was incorporated in 1865 and has a current population of 5917. The City of Carlinville is a great community to live and raise a family. Come visit Carlinville and enjoy our local attractions and businesses. We hope you enjoy your visit.

Upcoming Events

 2nd Annual Route 66 Blue Carpet Corridor Festival June 11th 8a-5p and 12th 8a-3p

CNB Concert on the Square August 4th, 5p-9:30p




Carlinville Ward Map click here

A portion of the town has been undercharged for their water usage over the past 3-4 months. With this ongoing situation the Public Works Dept. had the hand held company along with the utility bill company on site when the bills were run last week. We went throughevery bill and took new readings to make sure everything was correct. With our new hand held  system  it is now correcting itself. We apologize for this.  If you would like to have your meter reread please call with you name and address.

Business Spotlight

Tarrant  & Harrman
Real Estate and Auction
South Side Square

Notice to Solicitors - Any persons desiring to solicit individual persons, residences or businesses must register at City Hall and pay the appropriate fees.  Anyone found to be soliciting without a permit may be found to be in violation of City Ordinances.







Carlinville City Hall
550 North Broad
Carlinville, IL 62626


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